Location Type Materials
Temple of trials 1F Hall of faith Harvest Cotton, Red Mushroom, Green Moss, Bee's Nest
Temple of trials 2F Seeker's way Mining Iron Ore, Rusty Iron
Harvest Bee's nest
Timber Tree Branch, Slim Vines
Titan darius 1F Crushing feet Drop Chipped Blade, Fife Feather, Antidote, Animal Bone,

Deodorant, Beast Hide, Iron Rod. Broken Sword, Beast

Claw, Bug Juice

Mining Iron Ore, Rusty Iron,
Timber Bamboo, Rotten Wood, Rubber Tree Bark
Harvest Green Moss, Cotton
Titan darius 2F Idle Leg Mining Rusty Iron, Magic crystal, Crackle Stone
Drop Medicine, Chipped Blade, Fairy Dust, Antidote, Broken Sword, Iron Rod
Titan darius 3F Ravenous Gut Drop Tiny Scale, Beast Claw, Bug Juice, Chipped Blade,

Fife Feather

Timber Rotten wood, Lumber, Slim Vines
Harvest Tiger Daylily
Mining Magic Crystal, Iron Ore, Rusty Iron, Crackle stone

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