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JP FuRyu

NA Xseed Games


Toshio Akashi


Playstation Portable

Nintendo 3ds




Single Player




Unchained Blades, titled UnchainBlades ReXX (アンチェインブレイズ レクス) in Japan, is a dungeon crawler role-playing video game for the Nintendo 3DS and PlayStation Portable video game consoles. It was released in Japan in July 2011. In North America it was published by Xseed Games and released in the summer of 2012.


Unchained Blades is a dungeon crawler, role-playing game. The player controls up to four party members at a time, each with up to four followers. The player walks around labyrinths until they engage in a random turn-based battle. In battle, the game is very similair to other turn-based rpgs, however, the player can recruit enemy monsters to their own party to serve as followers. Followers can do various actions such as: attack with the main characters or even take damage for your party. The player can boost their Charisma Points by interacting with followers. Charisma points are earned when the follower is happy. At certain points during the game, players will have to take part in Judgement Battles. This pits all of you party's followers against a large group of monsters. By tapping the correct buttons on time, you can help your followers win the battle. The basic point of the game is to clear giant dungeons, called Titans, so that the main characters can each have one wish granted.

Main CharactersEdit

Fang - Once the most powerful dragon in the world, Fang was stripped of his powers by the goddess Clunea, and he was transformed back into his child form. Therefore he swears to get revenge. He is generally proud and arrogant, but he is also fearless and will never back down from a fight.

Tiana - A Phoenix princess who dreams of becoming a dragon. She is often fiery, but on a few occasions she acts as a peacemaker between other party members.

Hector - A giant Golem prince who wishes to gain courage. He left his home because he did not want to marry any of his tribe's women. At first, he is a little scared of Fang, but he grows to respect him over time.

Mari - A quiet Mandrake girl. She rarely shows emotion, but seems very wise.

Lapis - A young Medusa girl who has the ability to turn men to stone at a glance. This has led to a fear of men, which she hopes Goddess Clunea can fix.

Niko - An energetic and tomboyish Spirit Fox girl. She tends to not think about what she is doing, which leads her to some trouble.

Sylvie - A Reaper Clan girl who is on a mission to help her brother, Lucius. She is very kind and even motherly at times.

Lucius - A mysterious Reaper Clan man, who prefers to work alone. He seems to have no trouble fighting anything. His motives are unclear, but he is determined to see Clunea no matter what.

Clunea - The Goddess who grants the wish of anyone who conquers any of her Titans. She stripped Fang of his powers to teach him a lesson. She is extremely powerful, and people from many places travel to one of her Titans to get a wish.

Plot SummaryEdit

(Spoiler Warning)

The story starts out with the most powerful dragon in the world, Fang. He barges into the Goddess Clunea's temple, demanding that she show him the most powerful being in the world, so that he can defeat it. Clunea is offended by Fang's pride and arrogance. Therefore in order to teach Fang a lesson, she strips him of his powers. Fang is then forced to team up with various characters in order to face Clunea again to get his revenge. They make their way through each Titan until they finally get to Clunea. She grants each of the party's wishes, until it is Fang's turn to state his wish. Instead of wishing for his power back, he states that he has gained a new power: his friends. Therefore he challenges Clunea to a battle. The Goddess is angered and she creates one last Titan for the party to conquer before they can face her. After making their way through the Titan, the party comes across Clunea once again. However, this time the Goddess has transformed into a hideous monster. After they defeat Clunea, she reveals that she had not been herself for countless years. She had been controlled by her greed. After she thanks the party, she creates one more challenge for them: a new dungeon. (This is after the main storyline, so it's really optional)

(Spoilers End)


The game has received a favorable score from Famitsu and charted in Japan on its release.


A sequel called Unchained Blades Exiv eleased was released in Japan on November 29, 2012 for the PlayStation Portable and Nintendo 3DS. XSeed Games, who localized the original into English, stated that it was "not likely" that they would pursue translating the sequel.






















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